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Edgewater Flat Avon Lake, Ohio

Edgewater Flat provides tandem flatbed hauling throughout 40 states.  Maximum load is 32,000 pounds.

Hauling includes steel and aluminum coils, bars, sheets, beams, pipe, stamping dies, concrete castings and heavy equipment. 

Fully insured with competive rates and timely delivery. I care about your freight and your deadline!

Extremely well maintained classic Peterbilt 362 with 25 foot dock high (54") flatbed and new apitong decking delivers your load in style.

Direct contact with owner/driver Matt Vogelpohl at 440-823-8135, day or night.

Information faxed upon request.

DOT: 2593120

Office:  216-759-2440

Mobile: 440-823-8135

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